Israelis threaten their Foreign Minister and wish him to die of Cancer

At the start of a session of his Yesh Atid parliamentary bloc in the Knesset on Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid revealed threats he received via the Internet, in addition to pornographic messages he and his wife received, some of which he read in the course of his demand to stop violent discourse in Israeli society. Sugar 5948888, an activist on the Internet, said in a message to him: “Yair Lapid, I hope you die of cancer today. You are just like Hitler, and you will receive a bullet from me or someone else.”

He also mentioned that his wife, the mother of a son and a daughter, a former photojournalist, Lihi Lapid, 53, also received a message from an Israeli using the name Sophie-Ya on her social media accounts, in which she said: “You and Yair deserve a blow and a punishment from God.” More than your daughter Yael.. I hope that God will take revenge on you and her with more blows and punishment.”

Lapid commented on what he read of the messages, saying, “The danger is not only that they will kill more politicians, it is frightening to hear this, because it does not surprise anyone, but this will not stop there. The great danger is that we turn into violence that permeates all areas of our lives. To the streets And schools, and if we do not put an end together now, we will turn into a violent and hateful society,” according to what “Al” read on the website of the i24News TV channel, which speaks three languages, including Arabic.

“Israeli society is on the brink of an abyss”

Lapid also said, “We are on the edge of an abyss, the whole of Israeli society is on the edge of an abyss, we must stop this now, first of all in this building, in the Knesset. A lot of this begins here, in this building. The political discourse must change. It is possible Having a heated discussion, you can disagree, but you can’t stand in the session and shout insults, threats and personal insults at the lowest level.”

The minister, who was born 58 years ago in Tel Aviv, stressed that: “If we want to stop this wave, everyone must be partners, as the media has a responsibility, and also for education departments and the police, as well as for youth movements. It is a call to awakening, because hate has killed more people than cancer has killed.” In the world…more than drought and famine, so we must stop it, before it stops us

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