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The women of this country are the longest-lived residents of the planet.. Why?

expectancy of Hong Kong residents, as it expected that the average lifespan of this people would be greater than the average life expectancy anywhere else in the world.

In addition, the “South China Morning Post” explained the reasons, saying that “there are many factors that contribute to increasing the life expectancy of people in Hong Kong, most notably the economic recovery and societal well-being, in addition to strict government measures to combat smoking.”

She added that World Bank statistics indicate that the average age of men in Hong Kong is 82 years, while the average age of women is 88 years.

She also pointed out that this rate is the highest compared to other places such as Japan, Singapore and Italy.

She pointed to the contribution of economic well-being to the provision of high-quality basic social services, most notably health care available at high levels for all.

In addition, according to the newspaper, Hong Kong residents follow healthy lifestyles that include exercising permanently, especially in the morning times, noting that watching the elderly exercise early is a common sight in Hong Kong

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