The Washington Post: The IDF has a mobile application that allows you to identify the faces of Palestinians

The Washington Post reported that the Israeli army has worked over the past two years to develop a phone application that enables soldiers to identify the faces of Palestinians to see if they should be arrested.

According to the press report, which quotes two former Israeli soldiers as saying: “A competition was held in the relevant army units to take pictures of Palestinians in the West Bank, which formed a large database on which the mobile application is based.” The two soldiers added that the “Blue Wolf” mobile app was used to diagnose the Palestinians.

The number of Palestinians diagnosed through this application is not known, but the number is estimated to reach thousands.

Soldiers who conducted this interview with Breaking the Silence – a group of soldiers who served in the IDF and oppose army policy – disclosed this program on condition of anonymity for fear of social and professional repercussions. The group indicated that it will publish the series of reports at a later time.

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