Forbes reveals the fact that the president of “Pfizer” was arrested on charges of fraud and bribery to promote the effectiveness of Corona vaccines

The American “Forbes” refuted the news published by the Canadian “Beaver Conservative” website about the arrest of Pfizer CEO Albert Burla by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Canadian website stated that Albert Burla was arrested on charges of fraud and bribery on the 5th of this month, and that the police had ordered a “media blackout” on the incident and that the judge agreed to that.

The Canadian website added that Burla is facing accusations of fraud for his role in deceiving customers about the effectiveness of vaccines, lying about the dangerous side effects that vaccines can produce, and paying governments and the mainstream media to remain silent.

Forbes explained that the Canadian website did not provide any actual facts and evidence, but rather indicated that this information was from an anonymous FBI agent, adding that he did not support his article with photos or videos of the arrest.about:blank

Forbes indicated that on November 5, in which the article was published, Burla appeared in a live television interview on CNBC.Video

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