The Iraqi Prime Minister is exposed to an assassination attempt by a drone, and the Security Media Cell confirms that he is “in good health.”

Our correspondent in Iraq reported that the home of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in the Green Zone in Baghdad was targeted by a drone.

And a statement from the Security Media Cell stated that “a failed assassination attempt against the Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, by an explosive drone that tried to target his residence in the Green Zone in Baghdad.”

He added: “The president was not harmed and he is in good health.”

She pointed out that “the security forces are taking the necessary measures in connection with this failed attempt.”

Reuters news agency quoted security sources as saying that six members of Al-Kazemi’s bodyguard force stationed outside his house were wounded during the attack.about:blank

And the media quoted witnesses as saying that a strong explosion rocked the Green Zone, followed by heavy gunfire in the place.

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