Six people charged with terrorism in Cyprus over an alleged plot against Israelis

The Cypriot authorities have brought criminal charges against six people over an alleged plot to assassinate Israeli citizens on the island.

And the Cypriot newspaper Politis confirmed yesterday, Saturday, that a court in Nicosia filed a lawsuit against them as suspects in the scheme, which was classified as terrorist, noting that five of the accused plotted to assassinate five Israelis residing in Cyprus.

The newspaper pointed out that an indictment of about 50 charges belonged to at least 40 of them, the 38-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Orkhan Asadov, who was arrested on the 27th in Nicosia, and he was in possession of a pistol.

Among the charges against this person are money laundering and impersonation of other people using four forged Russian passports.

According to the accusations, Asadov played a key role in the alleged scheme, with a 27-year-old Pakistani national who worked in Paphos city in the food delivery business, and is accused of “recruiting” the other defendants in the scheme.

The newspaper reported that Asadov admitted to investigators that he received, between April and September, 40,000 US dollars from a man named Muhammad in exchange for the assassination of Israeli businessmen residing in Cyprus, claiming that they owed him.

And the police announced, according to the newspaper, that, during an examination of Asadov’s phone, they had found the sign of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, also suggesting a link between the aforementioned Pakistani and the Shiite “Zaynabiyoun Brigade” that is fighting in Syria on the side of the government.

The newspaper pointed out that the other defendants in the case are three Pakistani nationals and a Cypriot citizen.

The court decided to continue imprisoning the accused in the central prison, and the judiciary will hear their case on the sixth of December.

The Israeli government has blamed Iran for standing behind the alleged plot.

Source: Politis

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