Respiratory virus threatens the lives of infants in Tunisia

During the first week of November, Tunisia witnessed a sharp wave of the spread of the bronchitis virus, especially in infants.

Doctors revealed that dozens of infants, “more than 70”, stayed in the recovery departments after infection with acute bronchitis, which comes with symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 , and is represented by high temperature, coughing, and difficulty breathing, reaching the point where the infant stops breathing for seconds.

The director of Bab Saadoun Children’s Hospital, Souad Masoudi, confirmed to “Sky News Arabia” that the occupancy rate of the hospital beds was 93.3 percent, and reached 100 percent in the infant resuscitation department .

Al-Masoudi explained that bronchitis “affects infants every year periodically and annually, except for the year in which it declined due to the spread of the Corona virus and its tyranny over the rest of the viruses that affect the respiratory system, as only rare cases of this type of inflammation were recorded, other than this season, since the decline Temperatures Tunisia recorded a large number of injuries, and before the customary date, that is, the period from December to March.

Al-Masoudi said that at the beginning of November, the Children’s Hospital received serious cases, especially in infants, and the demand for resuscitation departments became more than usual, which raised the fears of those in charge of the Children’s Hospital and doctors, who called on families to pay attention to their transmission of infection to children, especially infants from the age of one day to three months.

For his part , Mahjoub Al-Awni, a virologist and epidemiologist , considered that the “Rhino virus or respiratory syncytial virus” affects children and causes infections and difficulty breathing, and it has reappeared strongly after the temperature dropped and the spread of the Corona virus, which was controlling all respiratory viruses, has decreased.

Al-Awni pointed out that the citizens’ decline in commitment to preventive measures and distancing, contributed to the spread of infection with it, stressing that “preventive measures, especially wearing a mask, protect against all respiratory viruses, especially since we are threatened today by respiratory viruses that return more powerful with lower temperatures and the decline of the Corona virus.”

For his part, the President of the Pediatric Society, Dr. Muhammad Al-Douaji, confirmed that the acute bronchitis virus is more dangerous to children than the Corona virus .

To confront this virus, the Tunisian Ministry of Health has prepared primary health centers in a number of densely populated areas to receive infants with acute bronchitis, provide the necessary treatment to reduce infection, and reduce pressure on the Children’s Hospital, which is close to reaching its full capacity

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