China may face difficulty maintaining an acceptable energy

China: We may face electricity shortages in the coming winter and spring

China’s state electricity grid said on Sunday that next winter, China may face difficulty maintaining an acceptable energy balance in the country, and “in some cases” it will face electricity shortages.

“Generally this winter, as well as next spring, our resources will be very limited to maintain the energy balance. And in some cases there will be a shortage of electricity,” the foundation added in its statement.

The corporation explained that the reason for these difficulties is primarily due to the seasonal nature of the growth in demand for electricity in the cold season, as well as the low water level in many rivers used by hydroelectric power stations in the winter.

The statement stressed that “measures to ensure the supply of electricity at the current stage have proven effective, but nevertheless, we will have to make great efforts to overcome these difficulties.”

According to the statement, the Chinese authorities will make every effort to ensure national energy security and the normal functioning of the country’s social and economic development. For example, restrictions will be imposed on the activities of companies that consume a lot of electricity, as well as companies that pollute the environment.

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