A Brazilian fisherman jumped into a lake to escape bees, drowned and was eaten by piranhas

A Brazilian fisherman has tragically died after jumping into the waters of a lake in the hope of escaping a swarm of bees, but an unthinkable end awaits him.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”, the 30-year-old man was on a hunting trip with two of his friends, when they were attacked by a swarm of bees, who were afraid of his stings.

The three fishermen jumped into the piranha-rich lake, but one of them couldn’t get out anymore.

When specialist divers exhumed the fisherman’s body, they found that piranha had eaten parts of his face, ear and other parts of his body.

The body was found about 4 meters from the shore of the lake, which is located in rural Brislandia de Minas, about 600 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

The local authorities granted permission for the victim’s family to bury his body, after ruling out any criminal hypothesis in the death.

It was not clear whether the victim drowned in the water as a result of being attacked by a piranha, or if he drowned and died and then the fish ate parts of the body.

Data indicate that piranha bites are not rare. In the first half of 2007, 200 attacks were reported in an artificial lake in Palmas, central Brazil.

Source: “Daily Star” 

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