Trump comments on the Hollywood tragedy.. and points an accusing finger

As was his habit when he was in the White House, US President Donald Trump did not let the killing of the director of photography in an American movie pass without comment from him.

Said Trump , the American actor Alec Baldwin deliberately stuffing the weapon with live bullets that killed director of photography in the film “Rast” Halina Hutchins.

Trump called Baldwin a “dupe”, noting that he was a “troubled man” who got into a fistfight with reporters.

The US President ‘s statements came during a radio interview, knowing that his accounts on social media have been suspended since the storming of Congress last January.

“Who would take a gun, point it at a cinematographer, and pull the trigger?” Trump said.

And he considered that Baldwin had a direct relationship to what happened, before adding, “Maybe he was the one who loaded the weapon with bullets.

The former president did not provide Baldwin’s performance, saying it was awful, though “I neither hate nor like him, I really don’t know him”.

According to the investigation into Hutchins’ murder  , Baldwin accidentally shot him while filming “Rust”.

There is much speculation about the role of assistant director David Hales in the October 21 incident in New Mexico, after he told investigators that he should have checked the weapon, but did not

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