Where did the whiskey bottle dedicated to Pompeo disappear?

The US State Department announced that some gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars that disappeared during the administration of former President Donald Trump have been found, but some are still missing.

This came in a report issued Thursday by the department’s inspector general, who added that when officials appointed by the Trump administration left and handed over the keys to the protocol office to professional diplomats last January, the gift store turned out to be “a disarray”, with it impossible to find many Valuable gifts anywhere there.

According to previous reports, among the missing gifts were a bottle of whiskey valued at $5,800 that Japan gave to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2019, a commemorative gold coin worth more than $500, and eight ceramic and copper vases worth nearly $500. $20,000, plus “several bags of souvenirs such as tin trays, marble trinket boxes and leather bags, purchased in anticipation of the G7 Summit, are worth $680 per bundle.”

The report stated that the vases worth $20,000 were found in a storage facility, and at the recommendation of the Office of the Inspector General, the State Department adopted new security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. But the mystery of the missing whiskey, the souvenir gold coin and the expensive gift bags remains unsolved.

Pompeo said, in previous statements that he had never touched this bottle and was not aware of its fate, adding: “I don’t know how the State Department lost this bottle, but I witnessed an extraordinary amount of indifference while I was there.”

Source: American media

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