Thousands of US intelligence officers are threatened with dismissal

Lawmakers in the US Congress have expressed concerns that thousands of US intelligence officers are facing dismissal for refusing to comply with a government decision on the necessity of vaccination against the Corona virus.

And the Associated Press quoted in a report published today, Friday, the Republican Representative and member of the House Intelligence Committee, Chris Stewart, assuring him that at least 20 percent of the cadres in many American intelligence services had not received the vaccine against the coronavirus until late October, noting. He indicated that this percentage reaches 40 percent in a number of the intelligence community, which has a total of 18 agencies.

The deputy pointed out that these estimates are based on data provided by the administration to the committee and were not publicly disclosed, without specifying any specific agencies due to the confidentiality of data on vaccination rates in them.

This comes against the backdrop of the approaching date set by the administration of President Joe Biden to complete the vaccination of employees in federal institutions (ie, November 22).

The Associated Press pointed out that this situation may lose major agencies responsibility for national security in the United States part of their cadres, noting the difficulty of replacing intelligence officers in particular, due to the highly specialized work they perform and the difficulties of completing security clearance checks.

For his part, Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, downplayed, during a hearing last week, the gravity of the situation. Haines refused to reveal the proportion of vaccination in the intelligence community, stressing that the total number of its employees is about 100,000 people.

Source: “Associated Press”

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