The Israeli president calls for the last Ethiopian Jews to be brought to Israel

Israeli President Isaac Herzog called for work to continue to bring the last of the Ethiopian Jews waiting to immigrate to Israel “as soon as possible”.

At a celebration held in Jerusalem on the occasion of the Ethiopian Jewish Sigd holiday, Herzog said that “thousands of people are still waiting to immigrate to Israel, and some of them are threatened and they are in a worrying situation,” stressing that “Israel’s national mission is to achieve the best possible integration of Ethiopian Jews in their land.” It’s not over, it’s not just a duty, it’s a huge privilege, because we all see the tremendous contribution of migrants from Ethiopia everywhere we look.”

He noted that “the plan to bring thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel who are still waiting in Addis Ababa is mired in controversy and multiple delays for a long time,” adding: “The wishes of the past are very much the basis of this holy day, but it is important that we do not for a moment ignore our desires for the future”.

Source: i24news

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