Protesting the election results.. Clashes between supporters of pro-Iranian forces and the Iraqi security forces

Violent confrontations erupted near the entrances to the fortified Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad, between the Iraqi security forces and demonstrators from supporters of pro-Iranian factions, protesting against the results of the early parliamentary elections, according to what Al-Hurra correspondent reported.

Video clips showed dozens of protesters throwing stones at the riot police, who were gathered near the Green Zone gate from the Ministry of Defense

The news agency AFP quoted a security source and journalists as saying that the protesters tried to storm the Green Zone from three of the four entrances.

The source said that “the demonstrators tried to storm the Green Zone from a side close to the Ministry of Defense, and they threw stones, but they were deterred by the anti-riot force,” adding that “the security forces fired in the air”, to disperse the demonstrators

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