Ethiopia.. Tigray forces and other armed groups form an alliance against Abi Ahmed

Organizers of a new front in Ethiopia say Tigrayan forces have joined other armed and opposition groups in an alliance against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to seek a period of political transition after a year of devastating war.

The signing of the creation of the new alliance, which took place in Washington on Friday, includes the Tigrayan forces, which are fighting Ethiopian and allied forces, in addition to the Oromo Liberation Army, which is now fighting alongside the Tigrayan forces, and seven other groups from across the country.

The new coalition, the Ethiopian Federal Forces United Front, seeks to “establish a transitional arrangement in Ethiopia” so that the prime minister can leave as quickly as possible, said Yohannes Abraha, one of the organizers, of the Tigray group.

“The next step, of course, will be to start meeting and communicating with states, diplomats and international actors in Ethiopia and abroad,” Abraha explained, noting that the new alliance is political and military, and “had no contact with the government of Ethiopia.”

The alliance was formed as US special envoy Jeffrey Feltman meets with senior government officials in the Ethiopian capital amid calls for an immediate ceasefire and talks to end the war that has killed thousands since November 2020. The United States said Feltman met with the deputy prime minister and the secretaries of defense and finance on Thursday.

Source: AP

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