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Building houses on the moon.. Fiction or reality.. Expert clarifies

Igor Yakovlev, an expert in the field of building materials, presented his view of how to build houses on the moon in the future, after the increasing hypotheses of building housing stations in space in the future.

Yakovlev works for Mighty Tech, a company that builds homes using 3D printers, and the expert explained what materials will be used to build homes on the Moon. 

Yakovlev said that 3D printing technology could become fundamental to the process of living on the moon and Mars, and believes that thanks to this technology, buildings can be built using lunar soil.

According to him, lunar raw materials and volcanic materials (products of the decomposition of cooled lava) are currently used in three-dimensional construction in the ground.

He pointed out that “many companies are already cooperating with (NASA) to develop a printer that can be placed on the surface of the moon and create the designs required there.” 

And about the advantage of the 3-D printer, Yakovlev said that when such technology appears on the surface of the moon, people will not have to transfer building materials from Earth.

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