Britain .. an elderly man confesses to killing two young women and intercourse with the bodies of dozens of women (video)

A British elderly man admitted to killing two young women and interfering with the bodies of dozens of women in two mortuaries he was entering by virtue of his work, in an unprecedented case in the history of British justice.

David Fuller, 67, admitted to killing two girls, aged 20 and 25, in 1987 in the southeastern city of Kent.

Fuller, who worked as an electrician in a number of hospitals, was charged with sexually assaulting the two young women after their murders.

Fuller admitted before the trial, which took place yesterday, that he had committed 51 other crimes, including 44 related to assaults he carried out on the bodies of dead women, but investigators suggested that the actual number of his victims was at least 99, 78 of them were identified, including three minors and several women over the age of eighty-five.

Fuller was arrested at the end of 2020 thanks to DNA techniques

The Attorney General’s Office said searches of Fuller’s home had found hard drives “containing evidence of sexual crimes that had not been witnessed by a British court before”.

He added that “Fuller filmed himself between 2008 and 2020 sexually assaulting the corpses of dozens of women and girls in two mortuaries at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, where he was authorized to enter them by virtue of his position as maintenance supervisor.”

Source: agencies

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