Tunisia .. Zero English causes the trial of a teacher

Assigning a zero to a student in an English language subject in an educational institution in Mahdia governorate, central Tunisia, has resulted in her being referred to the judiciary on charges of “mistreatment of a minor”, ​​on the grounds that the student was exposed to a psychological crisis.

The teacher, Faten Ben Salama, said in a statement to the local media, Thursday, that she was surprised by the criminal charges, and by 22 lawyers pleading against her against the background of her assigning a zero to a student who did not do his homework.

The teacher expressed her sympathy with the student, but confirmed that she dealt with him according to the rules, noting that she had been teaching for 27 years, but for the first time she had been exposed to such an incident, surprised by the virtual courts that were erected against her on social networking sites, when Facebook pioneers accused her of educational terrorism. , according to her statement.

This, and the Syndicate of Secondary Education of the Tunisian General Union, condemned the case of mobilization and bullying that was practiced and practiced against the school that is being brought before the judiciary.

The union affirmed, in a statement, its respect for the judiciary and the right of every owner of the right to resort to it “without this becoming a ride that some ride to abuse educators and drag them to the courts due to their dissatisfaction with what the teachers offer

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