The “hidden” iPhone button… How can it be activated?

A technical report for the British newspaper “Daily Star” revealed that “iPhone” phones contain a hidden button, which can be used to activate many features and perform many tasks.

And according to the British newspaper, Apple’s phones contain a hidden button, with which you can activate many tasks available in the latest versions of the iPhone , such as activating the “ Siri ” service and taking a screenshot, in addition to many other uses.

According to the newspaper, the “Apple” logo on the back of the iPhone is not limited to marketing and branding , but it represents a “secret button” that can be activated to take advantage of many capabilities.

To activate the button and select functions, you should enter the phone’s “Settings” and then:

Click on Accessibility.

– Tap Touch.

Scroll down until you find Back Tap.

You can then assign a function to the hidden button, and even specify whether it will need a double or triple click to activate.

This feature works on iPhone 8 and later and has been included in the iOS 14 update.

It is worth noting that the feature cannot be used if there is a case that covers the phone in order to protect it

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