Seoul: Pope’s visit to North Korea is possible

South Korea has suggested that Pope Francis will visit North Korea if Pyongyang makes a decision to do so, after the South Korean president suggested the Pope visit the North.

“The Pope has expressed his desire to visit North Korea several times, and the possibility of the Pope’s visit to the North certainly exists if Pyongyang makes the decision,” South Korean Unification Minister Lee In-young said in a radio interview with local broadcaster KBS.

North Korea can gradually turn to dialogue, the minister said, referring to a series of statements issued in recent months and the restoration of inter-Korean communication channels.

“Compared with the first half of this year, North Korea’s messages toward South Korea and the United States have become more detailed, to the point of exceeding the basic level and more frequent in the second half,” he said.

In response to a question about the provision of a possible vaccine for Covid-19 to North Korea, he said that “it is not on the table currently,” adding: “This is an issue that must be pushed forward with general approval and a common understanding by the international community, when our citizens are adequately vaccinated and we have adequate doses of the vaccine.

Source: “Yonhap”

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