Rare complications of corona make patients between the options of death or amputation of limbs

Surviving the new Corona virus is costing a high price for the injured, after many of them found themselves facing the need to amputate their limbs as the only way to survive.

And a report from “ Newsweek ” magazine conveys that the battle against Corona does not end after leaving the hospital, as adapting to life again may require the amputation of a leg, arm or fingers.

Although rare, severe blood clots and gangrene prompt doctors to amputate a limb from a Corona patient’s body so that he can live.

According to the report, these complications include even the very young and children.

The report quotes Dr. Ben Clausing, an infectious disease specialist in Louisville, Kentucky, as saying that the complications of corona affect all parts of the body.

The specialist explains the matter by saying that when not enough oxygen reaches the lung, the body takes the oxygen share allocated to other parties, which affects them.

The report relates the case of Zerrin Fots, a 10-year-old boy from Texas, whose mother was told that amputating his arms and legs would give him a 25 percent chance of survival.

His feet suffered from inflammatory syndrome, which is a complication of the virus, after his body struggled a lot to pump blood to the rest of the organs, which caused him to gangrene in his legs.

Doctors concluded that without the amputation of his legs, he had no chance of survival.

The lack of blood flow causes gangrene, which requires amputation of the limb that does not reach blood to save the patient’s life.

The report says that amputations have been performed since the beginning of the epidemic, and although the treatment of the virus has developed a lot in the recent period, blood clots still threaten the lives of the injured.

According to the report, vaccination is important to prevent these complications, as it avoids the deadly side effects of the virus.


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