Her ex-husband posted a picture with his “mistress,” so she killed their five children in revenge!

A court in Solingen, in the German province of Dusseldorf, sentenced a woman to 15 years in prison, convicted of killing her five children in revenge for her ex-husband.

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, reported that Christian planted her five children, Melina (one year), Leonie (two years), Sophie (three years), Timo (six years), and Luca (eight years), a group of drugs in their breakfasts, which led to the drugged and killed them.

Then she strangled the children, drowned them in the bathroom, wrapped their bodies in towels, and put them in their beds. 

Only the eldest son, Marcel, 11, survived because he was at his school during the crime.

After returning from school, Christian asked him to jump with her in front of the train, but he refused, so she sent him to his grandmother’s house and Christian then tried to commit suicide, but she survived and was arrested. 

Christian committed her crime after seeing a picture of her ex-husband with his new lover, so she immediately texted him assuring him that he would never see his children again. 

It is worth noting that this was her third marriage and she was aspiring to a happy family life, and she felt lonely and completely collapsed after her husband left her. 

It was the boy’s grandmother who reported the crime to the police, saying that she learned of their fate directly from her daughter.

Source: Britain’s Daily Mail

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