Facebook removes the post of the Ethiopian Prime Minister

Facebook has removed a post by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in which he called for taking up arms to stop the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s advance towards the capital, because it violates the site’s policies that reject incitement to violence.

In the post, which was deleted by the site, Ahmed said that the advance of the rebels “will lead to the demise of the country,” urging citizens “to organize their ranks and proceed in any legitimate way and with whatever weapons and force available… to prevent, repel and bury the fighters of the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front.”

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We have become aware of a post by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and have removed it for violating our policies against incitement and support of violence. We at Meta remove content from individuals or organizations that violate our Community Standards, regardless of who they are.” .

Source: BBC

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