A sharp debate between Senator Cruz and the spokesman for the Iranian regime

In an ongoing rhetoric between Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Iranian government spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh, Cruz attacked President Joe Biden’s pledge that the nuclear deal would survive even if successive Republican and Democratic administrations provided Tehran’s full compliance with the agreement . A prerequisite set by Tehran to return to negotiations.

Cruz responded to the newspaper’s report on his Twitter account, saying: “No.. Joe Biden does not have any constitutional authority to make this commitment.

“Unless the Senate ratifies any deal with Iran as a treaty, which Biden knows won’t happen, it’s 100% certain that any future Republican president will tear it up again.”

Then Iranian government spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh responded to Cruz, saying: “The world is fully aware of what Cruz admits: that the regime in Washington is rogue.

Zadeh continued, “The US president is trying to convince the international community, including all the participants in the JCPOA, that his signature means something… Therefore, objective guarantees are needed and no one will accept anything less.”

In response to Khatibzadeh’s tweet, Cruz said, “Of course, the spokesman for Iran’s terrorist regime believes that following the constitution makes America a rogue regime. But our president is not the president of Iran and he can’t kill or imprison political opponents.. and yes, any future Republican president will tear up any deal.” Iran is not a congressional confirmed treatY

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