A Moroccan source told AFP: If Algeria wants war, Morocco does not want it, and we did not target any Algerian citizen

Agence France-Presse quoted a Moroccan source as saying that “if Algeria wants war, Morocco does not want it, and that the kingdom has not and will not target any Algerian citizen, regardless of the circumstances and provocations.”

In his statement to the agency, commenting on a statement by the Algerian presidency in which it spoke about the killing of three Algerians by “barbaric Moroccan bombing” on their truck in the border area between Ouargla and Nouakchott, Mauritania, the source expressed his condemnation of what he described as “free accusations” against the kingdom.

“Morocco will not be drawn into a cycle of violence that will destabilize the region,” he added.

The Algerian presidency statement did not specify the exact location where the bombing took place, but the director of the specialized Algerian website “Mina Defense” Akram Khreif told AFP that it happened in “Bir Lahlou in the Western Sahara.”

The Moroccan source considered that “this area is exclusively transported by the armed militia of the Polisario Front.”about:blank

He added, “It is therefore surprising that the Algerian presidency talks about the presence of a truck in this region, given its legal and military status.”

Source: “AFP”

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