You will not be able to complete it ..a video of two children jumping between two tall buildings

Terrifying footage showed a young boy repeatedly jumping across the edge of a 22-storey building in China.

Two children were seen playing near the edge of the roof of a high-rise building in Xianying, Hubei Province

Also, the video clip, which was filmed on October 24, showed one of the boys repeatedly jumping between the two edges of the building.

According to reports, the two children were safely rescued by property staff

Emergency ladder

One of the children is 7 years old, and the other is 8 years old. Fortunately, they were not harmed. However, the concerned authorities informed the building management of the need to take security measures to prevent children from reaching the roof.

In addition, by reviewing the building’s surveillance cameras, it became clear that the children reached the roof of the building via the emergency staircase.

The danger lies not only in the high altitude, but also in the presence of solar panels on the roof of the building to provide energy, which was not surrounded by a safety net, which makes it very dangerous.

In turn, the building manager defended himself, saying that the law requires that emergency doors be kept open, in the event of a fire or any disaster of any kind such as an armed assaul

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