US forces: Iran threatens our interests, and we are ready to respond

The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, stressed today, Wednesday, that Iran does not want to enter into a confrontation with his country, but it is carrying out many bad activities that threaten American interests.

With regard to the Afghan file , he explained, according to what was reported by Reuters, that it is not currently possible to redeploy US ground forces in Afghanistan, but he pointed out that such a step remains a presidential option.

He also noted that the US government is talking with the Taliban regularly in order to finalize the issue of removing Americans and Afghan collaborators from the country.

In addition, he considered that the rule of the Taliban is witnessing a great challenge, with continuing fears of the country being drawn into a civil war.

Alert to China and Russia

Warning Russia and China , he warned them not to read the step of our withdrawal from Afghanistan wrongly or to consider it as weakness.

On relations with China and the Taiwan issue, he stressed that his country “definitely” has the ability to defend Taiwan from any Chinese attack, if requested to do so.

He also added that he did not expect Beijing to launch military action against the island in the next 24 months.

It is noteworthy that Milley’s statements today, especially with regard to Iran, came a few hours after Iranian state television announced thwarting what it said was an attempt by the United States to “steal” Iran’s oil in the Gulf of Oman, adding that the incident occurred recently

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