Supplying the Russian Navy with new nuclear submarines

A source in the Russian military administration announced that the Navy will receive new combat and missile submarines.

According to the source, “the shipbuilding plant of the Russian Sevmash Corporation will deliver the country’s navy next year two new nuclear submarines: General Suvorov’s Borey-A-class strategic submarine, developed by Russia in the framework of the 955A state project, and the Krasnoyarsk multi-purpose submarine of the Yasen-class.” M, which was developed in the framework of the Russian state project 885М”.

The source pointed out that the two new submarines will probably be delivered to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian army after the final tests.

According to the information currently available, the “Sevmash” enterprise is supposed to deliver the Russian Navy this year also two strategic submarines developed within the framework of the 955A government project, namely the “Prince Oleg” submarine and the Novosibirsk submarine, and the foundation is supposed to finish soon the development of the Belgorod submarine. Which will become the carrier of the unmanned “Poseidon” submarines.

The submarines developed by Russia under the Project 955A can carry 16 “Bulava” solid-fuel ICBMs, as well as they are equipped with systems for launching 533 mm torpedoes.

Source: Russia’s weapon

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