Report: The Biden administration will hold closed-door discussions in November on the principle of a preventive nuclear strike on Russia and China

The Washington Post reported that the US administration will hold a series of closed-door meetings in November to discuss the need to abandon the principle of a possible preemptive nuclear strike on Russia or China.

The newspaper quoted informed sources that the upcoming consultations will be part of the broader efforts of the administration of US President Joe Biden, to develop a new policy in the field of nuclear weapons until early 2022.

The sources pointed out that this issue includes multiple aspects, including Washington’s abandonment of the program to modernize nuclear weapons arsenals, whose implementation includes several decades, as well as stopping the deployment of new weapons approved during the era of former President Donald Trump.

The White House is also studying the possibility of reversing the policy of a possible preventive nuclear strike on Russia or China and moving to the principle of “one goal”, which defines a narrow circle of circumstances in which nuclear weapons can be used, including the need to deter a direct attack on the United States or take retaliatory measures after subjected to a blow.about:blank

And the “Financial Times” has previously quoted informed officials that countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Australia are trying to persuade the Biden administration not to change the US policy in the field of using nuclear weapons, amid fears of declaring the principle of not using these weapons first, which would change the decades-old strategy of “Deterrence” of Russia and China.

Source: “Washington Post” + agencies

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