New York elections.. Eric Adams is the second black mayor in state history

Former black anti-racist policeman Eric Adams won the mayor of New York, Tuesday, in an unusual rally, as he grew up poor in Brooklyn and committed misdemeanors in his youth, before becoming a politician in the Democratic Party.

This position is considered the most sensitive in the United States after the position of the President of the United States, and Democrat Bill de Blasio leaves office on December 31 and his popularity is at its lowest level, although he managed, among other things, to extract a city of more than 8 million people from the chaos of the epidemic that More than 34,000 deaths were recorded there.

NBC, CBS and New York 1 announced Adams as the winner of the race, shortly after polls closed at 09.00 pm local time. 

According to unofficial results from the New York City Board of Elections, Adams will receive more than 70 percent of the vote.

The Democrat Adams, 61, defeated his Republican opponent, Curtis Sliwa, 67, as polls predicted, and he will be the second black mayor in the history of the economic and cultural capital of the United States, after David Denkins (1990-1993).

Polling stations in New York’s five boroughs were open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. to about 5.5 million voters. According to the Elections Office, about 170,000 people voted early from October 23 to 31. The turnout, which is difficult to predict, is generally low in local elections.


In the final days of the campaign, which centered around insecurity, Adams had a television confrontation with his Republican rival, still wearing a red hat, Sliwa, and in 1979 he established a kind of militia called “guardian angels” that voluntarily patrolled to counter the assaults in the streets, along with the police.

He criticized Selwa, Adams’ rival, for not meeting the police unions, and for instead discussing crime-fighting with former New York gang leaders.

But the former policeman vowed to be firm in the face of crimes and misdemeanours, whose indicators reached a maximum in 2020, before they calmed down this year. Adams also appears to be a determined leader, champion of the middle and popular classes, and a forerunner of anti-racism.

He joined the right wing of the Democratic Party – unlike New York congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – and also says he is close to business in New York, the world’s financial lung.

The mayor of New York runs the largest municipal budget in the United States – $98.7 billion for the 2021-2022 fiscal year – earmarked in part to get out of the health crisis.

Like his predecessors, Adams will control the largest police force in the country (NYPD, 36,000) and will have to pursue its reforms.


Adams keeps a memory of his previous profession, and recounts years ago that when he committed a misdemeanor at the age of 15 he was violently arrested, and has since decided to “change the system from within”.

He became a policeman when New York was a dangerous place in the 1980s, spent 22 years in the corps and attained the rank of captain. In 1995 he founded a union that fights racism. 

In its history, the NYPD has often faced accusations of turning a blind eye to violent, racist and corrupt elements. It even went as far as filing lawsuits for the suppression of anti-racist demonstrations organized by the “Black Lives Matter” movement (Black Lives Matter) in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white mob in Minneapolis.

In a city that has paid dearly in the battle to fight the pandemic, Adams will also have to manage the reopening of schools, offices and stores and their return to business as usual. As well as combating stark social inequality, poor housing, dilapidated infrastructure, and climate risks. In addition to closing Rikers Island, the overcrowded prison is witnessing violence and poor sanitary conditions.

After leaving the police in 2006, he was elected a New York state senator and then head of the Brooklyn borough, the platform that opens the way to mayor of New York. Adams is also proud that he became a vegan in 2016 in order to treat his diabetes and released a cookbook to convince African Americans to do the same. 


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