ISIS claims responsibility for the attack on a military hospital in Kabul

ISIS, which is classified as a terrorist organization at the international level, claimed responsibility for the attack that targeted Sardar Muhammad Dawood Hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, which resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries.

The “Taliban” and several sources confirmed that the attack was carried out by two explosions at the entrance to the hospital, accompanied by shooting by a group of gunmen.

According to “Reuters” agency, according to informed officials, the death toll from the attack on Sardar Muhammad Daoud Hospital has risen to 25 dead and at least 50 wounded.

Sardar Muhammad Dawood Khan Hospital is the largest military hospital in Afghanistan and has 400 beds.

The attack comes after a series of bombings carried out by the organization, which emerged as the biggest threat to the “Taliban” control of Afghanistan.about:blank

In a statement published on its media outlets, ISIS said that the organization’s fighters carried out a “coordinated attack” on the hospital, which led to “dozens of dead and wounded among the Taliban militia, including a prominent leader.”

He confirmed that the operation was carried out by 5 members of the organization, one of whom detonated an explosive belt he was wearing at the entrance to the hospital, while 4 others were killed during an exchange of fire with the “Taliban”.

Source: “Reuters”

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