In the American “Dallas”, hundreds were disappointed, and the “miracle” indicating Trump’s return to power was not achieved

Hundreds of QAnon conspiracy theorists gathered Tuesday at the site of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, waiting for his son, who died more than 20 years ago, to appear.

The Washington Post reported that those gathered in Dallas believed that the appearance of John F. Kennedy, Jr., who had died at the age of 38 in a plane crash in 1999, would lead to the re-election of Donald Trump as president!

Despite the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. many years ago, some supporters of the conspiracy theory known as “QAnon” believe that Kennedy’s son has been in hiding for 22 years, and that he will appear again before midnight Tuesday at Dealey Plaza Park in downtown Dallas, where The assassination of his father, US President John F. Kennedy, took place in 1963.

The QAnon conspiracy theory defines it as grounded in loyalty to Trump, whose followers believe he will dismantle the murky “deep state”, which they see as including left-wing politicians and celebrities who are “lovers” of pedophiles and minors.

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Supporters of this fantasy believe that JFK Jr. will become vice president when Trump returns to power. Many of the participants in the rally wore T-shirts or held flags with the slogan “Trump – Kennedy 2024” in their hands.

The American newspaper pointed out that the prophecy did not come true, and the crowd, which included hundreds, began to disperse after a long wait for the appearance of President Kennedy’s son, while some saw that Kennedy’s son could still appear later in the evening at a Rolling Stones concert.

 The newspaper pointed out that the theory about Kennedy Jr. is marginal even for supporters of “QAnon.” However, on Tuesday, the crowd surprised Jared Holt, a spokesman for the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Laboratory, which studies domestic extremism, saying: “I was surprised that many From people to here,” he said, adding: “To be in such a state of mind, when one is completely and irreversibly disconnected from reality, opens up very dangerous possibilities for what one can do in the future.”

It is noteworthy that US President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas on November 22, 1963. An investigation ruled that the murder was carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald alone. Two days after his arrest, Oswald was shot dead. Over the course of more than half a century, many theories have emerged about who might have benefited from President Kennedy’s assassination, but none has ever been officially confirmed.


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