Demands in the US Congress that the authorities apologize for detaining Iranian travelers at the border

Two US congresswomen have called on Customs and Border Protection to formally apologize for detaining about 200 Iranian travelers at the Canadian border in early January 2020.

Democratic Representatives, Pramila Jaipal and Susan Delbin, sent a letter to this federal body asking it to formally apologize for the detention of these Iranians, many of whom were dual nationals, when they tried to enter the United States from Canada legally on January 5-6, 2020, in light of The assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani in a US raid in Baghdad.

The two representatives urged the federal agency to publish an internal report revealing the circumstances of the Iranian travelers’ detention, and to hold a press conference to officially pledge to abandon arbitrary detention methods in the future.

The two representatives stressed that men, women, and children who enter the United States legally should not be subjected to arbitrary detention and interrogation because of their ethnic or sectarian affiliation.

After the accident was revealed, the Customs and Border Protection denied that it had tightened procedures against Iranian travelers, and explained their detention for up to 12 hours due to the lack of personnel at the border posts.

But a month later, then-Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan admitted that CBP officials had exercised excessive measures against Iranian travelers in light of Soleimani’s assassination.

Source: “Associated Press”

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