Bennett reveals “two very important incidents that demonstrate the strength of Israel”

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pointed out at the cabinet meeting today, Wednesday, “two very important incidents that demonstrate Israel’s strength,” as he put it.

At the beginning of the cabinet session, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, “Israel’s global position is constantly being strengthened. There is a desire among many countries, some of which may come as a surprise, to approach us and establish cooperation with us

He added: “We are no longer recognized through concepts of conflict or by our enemies, but rather through what we are and through our giving to the world, whether in the field of corona, climate or other fields.”

And he continued, “Let me touch on two very important incidents that demonstrate Israel’s strength: the “Blue Flag” exercise, with the participation of eight of the most powerful and best air forces in the world, that took place in the country several days ago. During which all the leaders were here in this room, and many words made for me. Praising the Israeli Air Force and its cooperation with it. Another exercise is currently taking place in the city of Eilat, with the participation of the Israeli Navy and the US Navy, the Fifth Fleet of the United States Central Command. The party to whom this message is addressed understands the message.

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