“A Tunnel Hole and an Extremist” near the House of the French Ambassador in Tunisia… What’s the Story?

On Wednesday, social networking sites in Tunisia were buzzing with talk about the discovery of a tunnel next to the residence of the French ambassador in the La Marsa suburb of the capital.

The French ambassador lives in a historic palace in the suburb of La Marsa , built in the year 1800, called ” Dar Al Kamel “, which has a unique architectural character that combines Moroccan, Ottoman, Spanish and Italian touches .

What’s the story?

According to Tunisian media, the tunnel was discovered after the authorities in the marina, and by a judicial decision, evacuated families who lived in a large house near the location of the incident .

She explained that after the expulsion of those families, a hole of a wide diameter was discovered, so the investigations directed in a first stage that it was related to illegal excavations and excavations, but with the progress of research, the investigators were surprised by the length of the tunnel and its extension at a distance of 270 meters, to end in a place not far from the residence of the ambassador French in Tunisia .

suspicious activity

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior said, in a statement, that “based on information received from the security services regarding the presence of suspicious activity in one of the houses in the La Marsa suburb, in the vicinity of the residence of the French ambassador in Tunisia, it became clear, upon further investigation, that among the people who frequent the aforementioned house is a person known for extremism.” .

She explained that as a result, “the house was raided after coordination with the Public Prosecution, and it became clear that there were tunnel digging works.”

She explained that “the General Administration of the National Guard in charge of combating terrorism is conducting the necessary research and technical inspections, in coordination with the Public Prosecution,” stressing that “the issue is being followed up at the highest level .

preemptive strikes

Since the appointment of the new government led by Najla Boden, the Ministry of Interior has directed several preemptive strikes against terrorism, the most recent of which was last Friday, when it announced the dismantling of a cell affiliated with the terrorist organization “ISIS”, operating in the Tataouine governorate in the south of the country .

A day before that, the Tunisian security forces arrested a “takfiri” active in the media wing of ISIS, and dismantled a women’s terrorist cell .

On Sunday, the Ministry of Interior made extensive changes to the National Guard in a number of central and regional departments, including 46 departments, including sensitive security departments, including the “Information and Research Department”, the “Research Unit in Terrorism Crimes”, and the “National Chamber of Explosives and Dangerous Materials Control”.

Today, Wednesday, Tunisian security raided a house in the east of the country and seized weapons and ammunition in the possession of a person linked to terrorists .

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior said, in a statement, that it had received information that a “takfiri” was in possession of firearms and ammunition at his home, in the Hawariya area of ​​the Nabeul Governorate, in the northeast of the country .

She explained that the National Guard’s research and inspection team determined the whereabouts of the suspect, and after coordinating with the Public Prosecution at the Court of First Instance in Nabeul and informing it of the matter, the house was raided .

She indicated that the owner of the house was arrested, and a quantity of weapons and ammunition were found in his possession, including a submachine gun, an ammunition depot, 4 firearms, a sniper rifle, 35 submachine guns, 272 pistols of various calibers and 3 magazines of ammunition

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