They took advantage of the love of the series “The Squid Game”… a major fraud that Scammed about 40 thousand people

Media reported that a group of investors were subjected to fraud after investing money in the new digital currency, “Squid Game”, in light of the success of the Squid Game series.

And the media indicated that people’s love for the series “The Squid Game” was exploited, as this love prompted thousands of young people to buy the “Squid Game”, which achieved a skyrocketing rise in a few days, and some spoke enthusiastically that it would become an alternative to the “Bitcoin”, but There is now talk of fraudulent currency.

In recent days, reports have been piling up from buyers saying they can’t sell their squid tokens and cash their winnings at the only place they have, the PancakeSwap service.

That is why the sale stopped and purchases continued until the currency managed to collect $2 million, so the owners sold and withdrew the money of investors and speculators.

CoinMarketCap said it had received several reports that websites and social media related to the squid were no longer working.

Preliminary data indicate that approximately 40,000 people were victims of the fraudulent currency. Reports indicated that the Squid Game was created to create wealth and quick profit.

Source: Izvestia + BusinessInsider

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