Republican Senator: It’s time for the president to wake up before the collapse

US Republican Senator Rick Scott has said that Joe Biden’s tenure as president is a “real disaster” for the United States.

Referring to US Department of Commerce documents, Scott noted that US gross domestic product in the third quarter of this year fell by 2% year on year “on the back of the mounting inflation crisis and the crisis in the supply chain under Biden.”

“The presidency of Joe Biden has become a real disaster for our country,” the US senator said. “In just nine months in office, following a radical socialist path rather than a policy that actually serves the interests of American families, he has brought America to dangerously low levels.”

And the American politician saw that what he described as the president’s wrong decisions in a number of areas also led to “increasing the prices of almost everything.”

Scott concluded that Americans “under Joe Biden, can no longer make ends meet. It’s time for the president to wake up and listen before the United States reaches complete economic collapse.”

This, and the Republican minority leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with the policies of the Joe Biden administration towards Russia, China and other countries.

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