“Honeycomb” burns children after attempts to imitate the challenges of the “Squid Game”

Attempts to imitate the challenges of the “Squid Game” series resulted in the injury of three children, including an Australian teenager who suffered first and third degree burns and nerve damage.

In a series of deadly children’s games featured in “The Squid Game”, losing a challenge means instant death. But on the ground, some users of the Tik Tok application who try themselves to try these games face serious consequences, according to incidents reported by British newspapers.

In the popular Netflix series, contestants must cut honeycomb brittle shapes with a needle. If the figure cracks, the participant fails and is killed instantly.

During lockdown in Sydney, Australia, 14-year-old Aiden Higgins used a recipe on Tik Tok to make honeycomb by mixing sugar and baking soda into a plastic cup. 

When Higgins heated the mixture in a microwave oven, the plastic cup melted with the other ingredients.

According to the Daily Mail , Higgins suffered first-degree burns to his hand and third-degree burns to his leg that caused neurological damage so severe that doctors considered a skin graft.

His mother told the Daily Telegraph : “When he took out the plastic cup it exploded in his hand and burned it. Then the hot melted sugar spilled down his knee and then down his leg and he was stuck with burns.”

Within a year, Higgins, who warned other children not to experience such challenges, at least without parental supervision, is expected to be cured, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Hospitals in Sydney also witnessed the injury of two other children as a result of the honeycomb challenge. As a result of the high number of cases, the Children’s Hospital of Westmead has issued a warning to parents, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Dr Eric Lahey, head of burns at Sydney Children’s Hospitals, said he was aware of several other cases in addition to the three in Sydney.

“We have three cases here, and I’ve heard from my colleagues about one in Perth and one in Melbourne as well,” he added. “…Molten sugar is hotter than boiling water, and it burns very deep almost instantly. It’s very dangerous.”

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