Egypt issues a decision against those who abstain from receiving the Corona vaccine

The Egyptian Cabinet announced that, as of November 15, no employee will be allowed to enter his work unless he receives the anti-Coronavirus vaccine.

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, called on citizens to quickly obtain the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, especially since the state provided millions of doses of various approved vaccines for its citizens during the last period, with great support from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and also provided the financial funds necessary to obtain vaccines from various countries. The sources after their approval, which contributed to the acquisition of a large number of citizens, and most of the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus were vaccinated.

The Prime Minister indicated that the allocation of centers to receive vaccines at the republic level is currently underway, to complete the vaccination of citizens with vaccines, explaining that the decision previously issued by the Supreme Committee for the Management of the Corona Virus Crisis, regarding not allowing any employee to enter after November 15, will be activated. He did not receive the vaccine to his workplace, or he will have to do a PCR analysis every week, as it was decided, starting from December 1, next, to prevent any citizen from entering any government facility, to finish his procedures before confirming obtaining the vaccine.

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