The Joker who terrified the passengers in Tokyo is sad because they didn’t kill him

The young man who was arrested by the police after stabbing 17 people with a knife, 3 of whom are in serious condition, and setting fire to a subway carriage in Tokyo on Sunday, is sad because those who arrested him did not kill him as he had planned and hoped, according to local media, according to investigators who questioned him, They have not released his name yet.

The 24-year-old dressed as the evil “Batman”, taken as “Joker” in Hollywood films, and then attacked passengers with a knife he had in one of the subway cars, according to what had suffered from what the agencies broadcast, as well as translations of what It was reported in Japanese media today, then threw a highly flammable liquid and set the vehicle on fire, causing panic and panic among the passengers who fled randomly and whatever it was, and when they escaped, 7 others were injured.

It seems that during his attack he threw hydrochloric acid, which corrodes the body on which it falls, which was not confirmed by the “Tokyo Fire Department” in a statement it issued about the attack, which was aimed at “killing more people, and then inflicting the death penalty on it,” according to what the investigators summarized. what I tell them.

Without showing any pity

And the local NHK TV channel reported that eyewitnesses told the police that the attacker was wearing a bright uniform, which consisted of a green shirt, a blue suit and a purple coat, which looked similar to the “Joker” dress famous in the “Batman” comics, which we see in the photo published by “Al”. “Main, and that he “carried out his attack without showing any pity while holding the knife and spraying the burning liquid, causing everyone to panic, ” according to one of the passengers.

In other television clips, it appeared how a number of firefighters, police officials and paramedics struggled to rescue passengers, many of whom fled through the windows of other train cars, thinking that the attack was comprehensive at the station, and others thought that what was happening was a “Halloween stunt”, but he changed his mind when “I saw a man walking down this road, slowly brandishing a long knife,” he said

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