Johnson: Future generations will not forgive us if we fail in Glasgow

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said private sector money is needed to help developing countries decarbonize their economies, and that “future generations will not forgive us if we fail in Glasgow”.

In a speech at the opening of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Johnson said he believed the summit could succeed, warning of “uncontainable” public anger if the summit failed.

“The world’s anger and impatience will not be contained, unless we make this COP26 conference in Glasgow the moment we get really serious about climate change, and that includes coal, cars, money and trees,” he said, noting that “developed countries made a pledge in 2020”. At a value of $100 billion annually, this pledge will not be fulfilled until 2023.

He added, “We cannot and will not succeed through government spending alone. We who are here in this room today can distribute hundreds of billions, but the market has hundreds of trillions, and the task now is to work together to help our friends decarbonise.”

Johnson announced that “by 2030 we will end the sale of cars that depend on fuel,” saying that “the more we fail to take measures to stop climate change, the more cities will be gone.”

Source: “Reuters” + “AFP”

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