Iranian Foreign Ministry: The actions of the Biden administration contradict what the Americans announce about their intention to return to the agreement

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, said that the actions of the administration of President Joe Biden contradict what the Americans declare about their intention to return to the nuclear agreement.

Zadeh added, in press statements today, Monday: “After Washington’s exit from the nuclear agreement, we did not meet or communicate with Washington… and our position is clear… Washington, which vetoed the agreement and Resolution 2231, imposed sanctions against us and prevents commercial transactions between Iran and the rest of the countries, and as long as these practices continue, we cannot imagine Any direct or indirect contact or dialogue with Washington.

Zadeh continued, “The talks in Vienna were with the 4+1 to ensure Washington’s return to the nuclear agreement, and these conditions have not changed… The actions of the Biden administration contradict what the Americans declare about their intention to return to the agreement.”

He added, “I remind Blinken that the nuclear file has reached this point because of Washington’s exit… and Europe’s non-compliance with its nuclear commitments after Washington’s exit caused us to retreat from some of our commitments within the framework of the nuclear agreement, and this was according to what the agreement stipulates.”

Zadeh stressed that Iran is not compromising on its security: “Israel knows the extent of Iran’s capabilities..Iran does not compromise on its security..We have closely followed the provocative moves of the United States in the skies of the region with the participation of some countries, and we consider them to be a show,” calling on Washington to stay away from repeated threats. and a positive approach.

And on the statement of the European Troika and Washington and the possession of nuclear weapons, Zadeh said: Iran has not and will not seek to acquire nuclear weapons, and stresses the need for nuclear disarmament.

In this regard, Zadeh made it clear that Iran continues its cooperation with the Nuclear Energy Agency in accordance with the Safeguards Agreement and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and its commitments outside this framework ceased after informing the agency of this, and it was announced that Iran is the one who determines its nuclear steps and activities according to its needs and policies.

Zadeh pointed out that if Washington comes to Vienna with a correct implementation plan and leaves the insistence on maintaining part of Trump’s sanctions, Iran will return to implementing its commitments.

He continued, “Iran and the 4 + 1 countries are asking Washington to prove its intention through actions on the ground… and how the political and legal guarantees that Washington should provide were discussed, but Washington did not see itself in a position to give guarantees… We accept returning to our commitments only when We are sure that Washington will definitely return.”

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