Britain warns France: retreat within 48 hours!

Britain called on France to retract its position regarding the dispute over fishing licenses in the English Channel after Brexit, and warned it that this retraction take place within 48 hours, or else it would face legal action.

Britain’s top diplomat, Liz Truss, called on France on Monday to withdraw its “utterly unreasonable” threats over the dispute between the two countries over fishing licenses and areas.

London repeated its threat to file a complaint against Paris “for violating the trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union,” stressing that the Kingdom will take measures if France does not back down.

Last week, Paris announced retaliatory measures against Britain from Tuesday, including banning British fishermen from entering French ports who usually come to unload their fish there.

France is upset that Britain and the Channel Islands, which include Jersey and Guernsey, have not issued licenses to French boats to fish in their waters after Brexit.

France has warned that unless licenses are granted, it will prevent British ships from unloading in French ports, and will impose checks on all goods coming from the United Kingdom.

Source: Reuters

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