Biden: We will respond to Iran’s actions against US interests, including drone strikes

US President Joe Biden vowed that the United States would respond to Iran’s actions against his country’s interests, including strikes using drones.

Biden said, during a press conference held on Sunday evening at the conclusion of the “G20” summit in Rome: “Regarding the issue of our handling of their actions directed against American interests, whether drone strikes or anything else, we will continue to respond to them.”

Addressing the nuclear deal file, Biden indicated that the issue of reviving it depends on Iran’s actions and the desire of the “friends” of the United States to stay by its side “in order to make sure that Iran will pay the economic price in the event of not returning” to the deal.

He stressed that he agreed with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during their meeting on Saturday, that “diplomacy is the best way to prevent the emergence of nuclear weapons in Iran.”

The United States accuses Iran of being behind the drone attacks carried out by the armed factions backed by Tehran on American forces in Iraq.

These operations, to which the United States previously responded with air strikes and new sanctions, coincide with international efforts and expectations of resuming negotiations in Vienna to ensure Iran’s return to implementing all the provisions of the nuclear agreement, after it reduced its commitments in the wake of former US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal. Deal.    

Source: agencies

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