Biden praises Pope Francis and recalls his support for him during his ordeal with the death of his son, Beau Biden

US President Joe Biden praised Pope Francis on Sunday evening in Rome, describing him as a “really respectable man”, saying he “provided great sympathy to my family when my son passed away.” 

During his press conference at the end of the Group of Twenty summit that took place at the end of the week in the Italian capital, Rome, Biden said, speaking of the Pope: “He is really a decent and genuine man.” 

He added, “When I lost my son Beau.. Pope Francis visited the United States. We met at the Philadelphia airport and he spoke to my family for a good time, 10 to 15 minutes, about my son Beau.”

“He didn’t just talk about it in general, he knew things about it. He knew what he did. He knew who he was. He knew where he studied. It had a huge impact on my family. It meant a lot to us,” Biden continued.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Biden stressed that Pope Francis represents “everything I learned about Catholicism as a child and going to school,” stressing that the Pope is “a really respectable man, and we keep in touch.” 

On Friday, Biden, the second Catholic president in the history of the United States, met Pope Francis in the Vatican as part of a series of international meetings, seeking to polish his country’s image in the world.

The meeting, to which journalists were not invited, lasted more than an hour, according to the Vatican and the White House, which is longer than any of the previous meetings between a pontiff and an American president, according to American media.

It is the fourth meeting between Biden and the Pope, but it is the first since the election of Democratic President Joe Biden, a devout Catholic. Biden was accompanied by his wife, Jill, who partially covered her head with a black scarf.

The US President and the Pope wanted to discuss their common concerns about poverty, climate change and the Corona pandemic.

Source: AFP

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