Why did the President of China not leave his country 21 months ago?

Xi Jinping will miss the G20 and climate summits this week, an unsurprising absence given that the Chinese president has not left China for 21 months for reasons that indicate a shift in Beijing’s foreign policy, according to an American newspaper.

And a report from the American newspaper, “The New York Times, ” states that the apparent reason for Xi’s failure to travel abroad is the Corona virus, but there are other reasons.

China, under Xi’s leadership, no longer feels compelled to cooperate, or at least be seen as collaborating, with the United States and its allies.

According to the report, Xi’s absence from the international arena has complicated Beijing’s ambition to present itself as an alternative to the US leadership, and this coincided with a sharp deterioration in China’s relations with most countries of the world.

The newspaper notes that another reason is that Xi has focused on leading China for another five years, which has made international diplomacy not a priority for him.

Chinese officials are busy protecting Xi’s health and confronting domestic political machinations against him, especially with the upcoming Communist Party Congress approaching next year.

Not traveling abroad has denied the Chinese president the opportunity to counter the country’s deteriorating reputation abroad, at a time when Beijing faces rising tension over international trade, Taiwan and other issues.

Ryan Hass, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, tells the American newspaper, that the Corona virus is also among the reasons that prompt Xi not to leave China, as if he returns, he must adhere to quarantine procedures or risk being criticized for putting himself above the rules that apply to everyone.

According to the newspaper, the president’s failure to travel abroad has become clear after he was moving at the international level greatly. Before the start of the Corona epidemic, Xi visited about 14 countries and spent about 34 days abroad.

China faces criticism from Western countries on a number of issues, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, and its suppression of the Uighur minority in Xinjiang.

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