Japan.. Attacker stabs passengers and sets a Tokyo train on fire

On Sunday, the Japanese authorities arrested a person after he attacked passengers on a train in Tokyo with a knife and set a fire on board, according to local media, including NHK TV and Kyodo News Agency, noting that at least six people were injured, one of whom was injured. serious.

According to media, quoted by AFP, the man poured liquid into the train and set it on fire, while a video clip circulated on Twitter showed passengers escaping from the windows of the train that stopped at one of the stations

The channel NHK said the attack occurred in the “train area Qufu west of Tokyo.”

Police say the accident occurred at 8:00 p.m. local time, and the train was running on the Keio Railway near Kokurio Station.

Local sources told the channel that the attacker is about 20 years old, and six ambulances were called to the site.

Violent crimes are rarely committed in Japan, which has strict gun laws, but sometimes violent crime using other weapons.

In August, during the Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, a knife attack on a suburban train injured ten people. Then on the 24th, two people got burns with sulfuric acid at a metro station in the capital. The two suspects, who are Japanese, were arrested shortly after

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