Israel launches unprecedented exercises simulating an all-out war against “Hezbollah” amid internal turmoil

The Israeli Ministry of Defense launched large-scale exercises for the home front, the first of its kind, and it simulates the scenario of an all-out war against the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, in conjunction with unrest inside the country.

The Chief of Staff of the Home Front Forces of the Israeli army, Itzik Bar, confirmed that the exercises, which start today Sunday and end next Thursday, will simulate, for the first time, the scenario of the outbreak of a comprehensive military conflict in conjunction with the outbreak of unrest inside the country, explaining that this comes in order to ensure that the response devices are extracted. The fast tracks, including the army, police, fire services and ambulances, learned lessons from the events of last May, when a number of Arab cities witnessed a security escalation in conjunction with the new round of fighting around the Gaza Strip.

In addition to the scenario of massive cross-border missile attacks from Lebanon, which was prepared based on real intelligence reports, the exercises will include dealing with the possibility of Hezbollah using chemical weapons against the army and infrastructure facilities inside Israel.

Home front forces will be trained to carry out large-scale evacuations from border areas and deal with hospital overcrowding in the north.

Source: “The Times of Israel”

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