How horror movies can benefit your mental health!

Horror movies attract viewers with heightened suspense, sudden scare scenes and loud noises that can leave them feeling thrilled and entertained.

According to a report published by the Boldsky website, apart from all the fun and fear, watching a horror movie can also improve mental health, as part of the so-called primary scream therapy, which involves standing in a warrior position and screaming as loudly as possible, which is what Which can be achieved by watching a horror movie.

scream therapy

Some studies say that watching a horror movie can help relieve stress and anxiety. Screaming therapy is an attempt to express the loudest voice to get rid of the feeling of frustration, which experts advise to do in front of the mirror, to reach the best results. According to experts, scream therapy gives an individual a way to get rid of anger and frustration or get rid of signs of anxiety.

Vibrational sensations

Screaming works by associating negative emotions such as feeling stress, anxiety or frustration, and releasing them through screaming, and then the physical vibrating sensations (caused by screaming) alert the nervous system and subconscious mind while screaming is basically a conscious state and the choice is made by the person’s will Himself.

ancient chinese healing method

Scream therapy to relieve frustration is not an innovative trend in the modern world but was part of ancient Chinese healing methods. As part of traditional medicine, the Chinese people have passed on this practice from generation to generation. TMC focuses on the energy and rhythms of the human body and its organs, and experts say yelling is a good exercise for the liver and lungs.

Better yelling at home

Studies have indicated that the harsh sounds of human screams activate fear responses deep in the minds of listeners. Therefore, experts advise that it is best and safer (for others) for a person to practice scream therapy at home or in a safe place.

secretion of endorphins

Studies also show that practicing scream therapy can lead to the production of endorphins, which make one feel better. Experts point out that when a person interacts with things or scenes that frighten him, such as horror movies, the adrenaline secretion can bring some benefit to the viewers’ frame of mind. When a person allows themselves to live with the excitement in a safe and secure environment such as simply watching a horror movie, they can automatically receive some form of psychotherapy, which helps relieve symptoms of minor mental health problems such as feelings of stress and anxiety.

surrogate mother

While it may seem counterintuitive to some, experts explain the link between horror movies and mental health through surrogacy theory, which states that fear allows one to control fear, meaning that watching a horror movie can help a person control feelings of fear. and anxiety, making sure they are in a safe place and somehow related to exposure therapy, i.e. the person is under stress in a controlled environment to reduce their negative effects over time

Thus, using horror movies as a form of built-in stimuli may help release thoughts of anxiety, fear and tension, due to the sheer ability of horror movies to affect him mentally and physically.

Basic controls for screaming therapy

Experts do not recommend the practice of scream therapy without the supervision of an experienced psychiatrist to guide the therapy sessions. Experts stress the need for a person not to shout at others to express his frustration, but rather to practice self-improvement in order to improve the psychological state. Basically, experts warn against forcing anyone to watch horror movies, for the purpose of psychotherapy, if he is afraid of watching them, and the desire to watch horror movies should necessarily be voluntary

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