China: We reject the “politicized and false” US investigation into the origin of Corona, and we call on Washington to stop attacking us

An investigation by the US intelligence services, published Friday, into the origin of the Covid-19 epidemic, angered Beijing, which described it on Sunday as “politicized and a liar,” calling on Washington to “stop attacking” China.

“No matter how many times this report has been published, and how many copies have been made, it cannot change the completely political and wrong nature of this report,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

China had already expressed strong opposition to the preliminary findings published in the summary report at the end of August, the ministry added in a statement.

And the Chinese spokesman considered that “eavesdropping on intelligence services in the context of efforts to track down the source was a “compelling evidence” of politicization, calling on the United States to “stop attacking China and tarnishing its reputation.”

And the document issued Friday, is an updated version of a top-secret report submitted at the end of August to US President Biden, who gave the intelligence services 90 days to “redouble their efforts” in order to clarify the origin (source) of the Corona epidemic, and indicated that without new information, we would not Intelligence agencies can determine whether the virus emerged from an animal source, or as a result of a laboratory accident, and added that “China’s cooperation will likely be necessary to reach a conclusive assessment of the origin of the virus,” noting that Beijing continues to “obstruct the global investigation.”

According to the “leak from the laboratory” hypothesis, the virus spread from a research center in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the epidemic first appeared. This theory is still not supported by evidence, and has long been rejected by China.

Beijing was urged to consider a new investigation into the origin of the epidemic after the delayed and highly politicized visit of a team of international experts sent by the World Health Organization, which failed to establish the origin of the virus.

But Chinese officials rejected the calls, saying they were “politically motivated.”

In August, Biden announced that China was withholding “important information” about the origin of COVID-19, adding that Chinese officials had sought to block access to international investigators.

Although the study ordered by Biden was launched with the growing theory of leakage from the lab, the report indicated that most agencies believed that the virus was not genetically modified.

Source: AFP

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